18 Feb 2017 Workshop met Elisa Namaste Intuitive interaction

Van Dichterbijdanooit

18 Feb 2017 Workshop met Elisa Namaste   Intuitive interaction

The new year is the year of creation. A lot will happen in 2017. A lot will shift and many things are to come.

In this workshop we will look into our own perspectives and allow them to open up. How do we create the possible outcome? What do we really wish for? Instead of fearing  what is inside of us. Or fearing what is outside of us? Or fearing what is going on in the world?

You Will learn to trust your inner voice and to be focussed. Focussed on what you really wish for.

Allow you self to ask the questions there is in your thoughts or on your heart:)

your questions Will be answered.

We Will laugh, we Will shed tears and we Will have all the emotions that are needed. We will set ourselves free.

With Love Elisa Namaste .

  • Datum:         Zaterdag 18 februari
  • Tijd:               13.30 uur
  • Duur:             3-4 uur
  • Prijs:              € 55,-
  • Plaats:           Maastricht, Longinastraat 113.
  • Aanmelden per e-mail. Maximaal 15 personen.

Let op: vol is vol dus meldt je snel aan als je deze middag niet wilt missen.

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